Race Engineering:

  Race Engineering Services provides a high quality race engineering service to competitors in all Australian motorsport categories. This is the result of over 12 years spent working trackside with some of the leading motorsport teams in the country allied with an ongoing investment in the latest tools and training to ensure that the service provided is the best available to optimise your vehicle set up.

Remote Data Analysis:

  Looking to reduce the cost of data analysis and head count? Why not take a leaf out of the Formula One book and get this data analysed remotely. Race Engineering Services can offer this service to your driver or team. This usually is undertaken following an initial test day to ensure the veracity of the logged data that you are collecting. Then you simply email the logged data file and driver comments to us and we will conduct the analysis and email back a report. Whilst this is not the same as having a dedicated race engineer on site it provides a cost effective alternative. The price of the service depends upon the response time desired.

Driver Performance Coaching:

  This refers to the use of the data acquisition system in conjunction with driver feedback to drill down into the interaction between the vehicle and the driver, with a view to increasing the drivers understanding of vehicle dynamics and the impact of their inputs on the vehicles response. It is an oft seen scenario in racing where teams are constantly changing the vehicle to try to increase the drivers’ comfort, usually with sub optimal results, without questioning the drivers’ inputs or understanding of the dynamics of the vehicle.

Chassis Simulation:

  Race Engineering Services uses ChassisSim Technologies to provide a vehicle simulation service. ChassisSim is one of the worlds most advanced and accurate vehicle simulation packages. It has been well received and widely used in domestic and international motorsport since its release.   At the heart of the program is a fully dynamic engine that enables the vehicle modelled to be virtually driven around a given racetrack. This is a significant advance on the quasi static programs that some other companies have used that simply build up the simulation from a series of static “snapshots” This makes ChassisSim the ideal partner for vehicle set up, race engineering and driver performance coaching.


  Race Engineering Services have invested heavily in the Solid Works design and simulation software. This combined with over 30 years of experience in design results in cost effective design projects , delivered on time

Vehicle and Component Sourcing:

 Over the years Race Engineering Services has built up a worldwide network of associates involved in the supply of both race cars and components. Through this network we are able to source high quality cars and components and organise shipping and importation into Australia